Most Sacred Heart Catholic School’s curriculum is molded around our faith. We are dedicated to witnessing the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church in our school and church community. Demonstrating our faith community is Alive in Christ is our daily guiding principle. Our mission statement and core values are prominently displayed throughout the school hallways, classrooms and on bulletin boards as daily reminders to administration, faculty, students, parents, and volunteers to continually strive to make Christ present to everyone in contact with our school. In the 2019 School Improvement Process, 93% of Parents surveyed strongly believed that our school provides a challenging, comprehensive, and relevant curriculum for the students. Parents commented that “Staff stays on top of current research and modifies their teaching methods accordingly.”

We follow the recently published Archdiocesan Unified Curriculum for Catholic Schools, which includes, Religion, Math, Science, Literature, English and Social Studies. For more details, please see the document linked below. Use the tabs along the bottom to see the requirements broken down by grade.

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