Covid -19

We established a Re-Opening Task Force comprised of parents from the medical field, a representative from the Archdiocesan Education and Formation Commission and a parent who works for the Rockwood School District, MSHS teachers and staff.  We have been hard at work preparing for the unique 2020-2021 school year and we are pleased to share our plans with you.

The Re-Opening Task Force created guidelines that adhere to guidance provided on July 7 by the St. Louis County Health Department.  These guidelines will help Most Sacred Heart School open for learning, with increased attention to the health and safety of our community.  The Task Force addressed three domains: 
     1. Logistics and Operational Aspects
     2. Creating and Maintaining Community
     3. Curriculum and Instruction

The first domain, Logistics and Operational Aspects, encompasses the basic operational aspects of our school day.  Guidelines have been created with the help of parent professionals in the pediatric and general medical fields.

The second domain is Creating and Maintaining Community.  A critical and distinguishing characteristic of Most Sacred Heart is the strength of the school community.  We realize that without explicit actions, the sense of community can be greatly challenged in times of stress and crisis.  We will make intentional decisions to support and develop our community in both the spiritual and material sense. In addition we want to continue established traditions with guidelines in mind such as “Sneak-a-Peek”, “Back to School Night”, “Special Persons Masses”, “Red Heart Award”, “Field Day” and much more. 

Curriculum and Instruction is the third domain addressed by the Task Force.  We acknowledge that teaching in person is preferable and is our goal for the entire 2020-2021 school year. However, as a school community, we must prepare for virtual learning in case so it is focused, clear, varied, reasonable, and nimble and based on positive relationships.  As always, our teachers will develop and execute this approach to learning guided by the academic goals expected of students by the end of the school year. Accordingly, curriculum will be appropriately paced, focused on priority standards, provide opportunities for differentiation and intervention, and leverage materials and techniques that are effective in either environment.

To read the specifics for each domain, please see 2020 Re-Opening Guidelines . Please also see our COVID Protocol, should your child become ill.

We have an amazing Blue Ribbon School with small class sizes and a tight knit community. Even though this upcoming school year will look a little different, we will continue to celebrate the most in each child by inspiring the mind, nourishing the soul, opening the heart, and embracing the spirit!

We are so excited to once again open our doors and welcome our students back to Most Sacred Heart School five full days a week! In order to keep our great school open during the pandemic, we are asking each family to closely monitor their own health, and complete the Daily Screening form prior to coming into school each morning.

Although we are hoping to continue in-person school throughout the entire school year, we do have to plan for learning virtually in the event of a school closure. Click here for a copy of our Distance Learning Plan should it be necessary to continue our learning from home.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  These are definitely challenging times, and we feel blessed to be able to help you educate and shape your children.