May 1st – K-3rd grades will play Jailball and 4th-8th grades will play Medicball. The 8th grade will have an opportunity to earn a running pass.

May 4th – No MSHS, it’s a flood day.

May 8th – We will play Four Way Soccer.

May 11th – TODAY IS FIELD DAY!!!!

May 15th – We will play Kick the Cone.

May 18th – K – 3rd will play Excuse Me Please Tag and 4th – 8th will play Steal the Beanie Baby on the parking lot.


Mrs. Corrigan’s Homeroom app allows you to see pictures and short videos of PE class. If you would like to join please email me at



We will have PE every Monday and Thursday.

Running in PE….
Students will be running a lot in PE, please have them wear appropriate shoes. The 8th grade will be running one mile and the 5th – 7th grades will run a 1/2 mile at the start of every PE class. We will not run outside in the rain or if the temperature is above 90 or below 45 degrees.