Week of May 14, 2017

Religion: We will be discussing the rosary and the mysteries of the rosary. We will continue to work on the virtue of gentleness!

 Reader’s Workshop:  We will continue working with short vowel families. This month we will continue to focus to blended sounds at the beginning of words.

I will continue to pull individual students to work on early literacy skills during our Reader’s Workshop block.

We continue to work cooperatively in small groups during Literacy Stations.

We will be reviewing the sight words we have learned this year during our final two weeks.

 Writer’s Workshop: We will finish our final writing unit: Looking Ahead and Looking Back. We will have our final Publishing Party on Thursday! We will also create summer writing journals on Friday.

Math Workshop: We will finish chapter 7: Numbers 11-19. Our final test will be this week.

Science/Social Studies: We will finish up our unit on animal and plant life cycles.