Enrichment opportunities are available for grades K-8 in the following ways:
Enrichment class is a cross curriculum experience for every student from first grade to eighth grade. One time each quarter the class will meet to study a topic. Our topic for the 2017-2018 school year is The Evolution of Childhood. Students will learn about the topic and respond to the topic with a project that includes many of their talents. Students utilize research, technology, English, art and religion. Some classes delve into the scientific aspect of their topic. Some students create art, music or poetry about the topic. Students share their experience with each other. Watch for photos and videos of Enrichment Class.

ARTS Day is an annual event when the entire school participates in hands-on art activities taught by local artists and artisans.

Most Sacred Heart supports dual enrollment with the Rockwood School District CCL (Center for Creative Learning) program for students in grades K-5.