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Weekly Newsletter:  August 13, 2017



Our first day of school for the 2017-2018 school year is Wednesday, August 16, 2017.  

Before Care is available on the 1st day of school beginning at 7:00am.  Students should be walked through the courtyard with their parents to the Dining Room door.  A staff member will let you in.

Students arriving after 7:35am:

  1. Drop-Off will take place ONLY in the back, at the school door closest to the rectory. There will be a staff member outside and students may only be dropped off when the staff member is present. The staff member will be outside from 7:35am – 7:50am. Vehicles will come up the back driveway, follow the loop around the old pump house, drop off students between the cones, and then exit either through the back drive or through the front lot of school.
  2. Walk-In with your students is an option. Walk-In families MUST park your vehicle in the front lot (by Church) and accompany students into the building through the courtyard main school entrance. When crossing the parking lot to the courtyard, please use the cross walk.
  3. Late arrivals (anyone arriving after 7:50am) MUST park on the front lot and accompany your students into the building through the courtyard main school entrance.
  4.  There will be NO parent parking in the back of school during morning Drop-Off. 6. Because we need the cooperation of everyone for the safety of our children, anyone who does not follow the above will receive a call from the school office.



Calendar2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR


immunziation2017-2018 SCHOOL PHYSICALS

School physicals and updated immunization records are needed for any students entering Preschool, Kindergarten, 3rd and 6th grade.
All NEW students entering Kindergarten through 8th grade, must also have a physical and updated immunization record.
Students entering 8th grade need the Tdap and meningococcal immunizations.


According to the Schoola website we have earned $3071.00 from our donations so far.  You can check out our profits at:


We have placed a Schoola bin for future donations right inside the south doors near the school office.  The donation box is located where the old soda machine was located.  Please feel free to drop off clothing items any time.  And thank you Jeanna G. for sending off the donations!


Students may celebrate birthdays with their classmates by bringing in healthy treats.  If you choose to send in a treat, please be sure to follow the “Healthy Food Suggestions.”  


Most Sacred Heart School invites you to support us by shopping at AmazonSmile. Each quarter, the Amazonamazon smileSmile Foundation makes donations to eligible charitable organizations like us.

This will link you directly to smile.amazon.com in support of Most Sacred Heart:


Thank you for helping us provide quality Catholic Blue Ribbon Education here at Most Sacred Heart!


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