Eighth Grade Class of 2017

Week of  May 15, 2017
 Eighth Grade Field Trip,Monday, May 15, 8 -4

Graduation photo, Wednesday, May 17, 5:30 PM…. meet in Homeroom


week of 5/15/2017








8:15 AM all school Mass

Science Exam

May Crowning 7 PM




Social Studies Exam



Field Day in the afternoon


 Noon Prayer Service, Farewell to Eighth Grade
MATH -Plefka

Calculate the number of calories you ate during your mystery field trip

Figure out the number of chairs needed at your graduation dinner Enjoy your graduation.  Be nice to Mr. P.  Have a day off!  You deserve it!  

Come to All-School Mass and be honored one more time.  We will miss you!

MATH – Wilson  



Study for SS exam every evening.

 Exam today
SCIENCE  Reflect on how your digestive system will process all the food you eat on your mystery field trip. Reflect on how your nervous system(Brain specifically) have grown at Sacred Heart.  

Enjoy your graduation.  Still…be nice to Mr. P.


Enjoy the day off!

Have a wonderful summer and good luck next year!
ENGLISH worksheet

last autobiography chapter due tomorrow

worksheet worksheet final autobiography due tomorrow


LITERATURE  Finish reading chapter 24 and 25 of Mockingbird TKAM unit 15 vocab and spelling test tomorrow unit 15 vocab and spelling test

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes


Social Studies:Final Exam is Wednesday, May 10

Algebra (Plefka):

Algebra (Wilson):


English:Phrases & clauses test April 5

Literature: April 6-unit 12 vocab and spelling test; April 21-unit 13 vocab and spelling test; April 2-unit 14 vocab and spelling test; April 10-unit 15 vocab and spelling test-VOCAB PAGES WILL BE DUE THE DAY BEFORE THE TESTS

Spelling and vocabulary website: https://www.sadlierconnect.com/vw/vocabularyworkshop.com

AUTOBIOGRAPHY CHAPTER DUE DATES: Chapter 1- Dec 9, Chapter 2- Dec 19, Chapter 3- Jan 9, Chapter 4- Jan 18, Chapter 5- Jan 31, Chapter 6- Feb 8, Chapter 7- Feb 17, Chapter 8- March 1, Chapter 9- March 10, Chapter 10- March 22, Chapter 11- March 31, Chapter 12- April 12, Chapter 13- April 21, Chapter 14- May 3, Chapter 15- May 9……..FINAL COMPLETED AUTOBIOGRAPHY DUE MAY 12!!!!!!!!!!!