4th Graders begin using iPads daily

4x6-0684The students in 4th Grade at Most Sacred Heart School are taking part of a pilot program of one-to-one iPad integration in the classroom.  The students and teachers are excited to be able to use this valuable educational tool every day.   They have utilized this tool in the classroom by using a variety of applications to enhance their learning.  Students are able to gather information instantly through self-exploration, with guidance from the teacher.  The students recently took a virtual field trip to a southern plantation and followed the path of a slave who escaped by way of the Underground Railroad.  The teacher feels that the questions and discussions in their lessons have been enhanced by the use of iPad.  She can also be a “guide on the side” and encourage the students to take charge of their learning.  The use of the iPad is one way Most Sacred Heart School can make this happen.

In addition to the pilot program, we have another cart of iPads available for all classes in the school to utilize.  The 8th Grade students used the iPads for enrichment this week.  Even the pre-school students have used the iPads with the help of their 6th Grade buddies.

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