snoopy st patsSchool Schedule

Our virtue this month is Kindness.

This is our last week of school. I will be sending home extra files and folders that the children no longer use. Please empty the back pack daily. Also check for notes or messages in the homework folder. 

Note: Wednesday is my last day with your children. I am going to New York on Thursday for my son’s graduation from Fordham University. I just want to let you all know it has been a pleasure to teach your children. They are wonderful. They are well prepared for fourth grade. Mrs. Dunahoo has done a great job this year. Be sure to thank her when you get a chance.


Spelling Study words every single night. Keep drilling. There will be no test but don’t tell the children. It is a surprise.

Math division study guide went home in Thursday Folder. It is due back completed on the following Tuesday. Divide by 7 this week. Quiz will be on Tuesday. Keep studying. This is our last division test. But be sure to keep practicing the division and multiplication facts over the summer. Success in math is totally dependent on the child’s knowledge of the math facts. Math gets harder as you go up the grades. Please be sure your child is fluent in the facts coming back this fall.

Also read, read, read over the summer. Reading does make you smarter.